West Bengal: In another incident of elephant rampage caught on footage, two tuskers in West Bengal on Sunday killed four villagers after they got diverted from their natural habitat. The incident occurred at the Monteswar village in Burdwan area of West Bengal. 
The two elephants had been apparently following a herd when they diverted from their natural habitat and came across the village of Burdwan. Occurring in the afternoon, the two elephants initially killed two villagers and two later in the evening. 
In an effort to control the tuskers, forest officials tried to tranquilize them to inactivity so that they can be released into a suitable environment later. 
In the footage, one of the elephant is seen gripping a man with its trunk and flinging him up-down in the air. In majority of these incidences, elephants are known for slamming the victim to the ground and stomping on them. 
The main reason for this tragic interaction with wild animals is the growing integration of wild habitats for human sustenance. India is seeing a steady rise in the number of wild animal attacks.  

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