Mumbai: Fifty days after Mumbai was smothered with heavy smog after a massive fire broke out in Deonar dumping ground, the metropolitan city was once again put under toxic fumes when a fire broke out in the same dumping ground on Sunday. 
The Deonar dumping ground is one of the largest dumping ground in Mumbai, and if the fire continuously persists with the same intensity, the city will be covered in toxic fumes of burnt garbages in no time. Albeit teams of fire bridage are doing their best to douse the fire, it will be quite some time before they completely put off the fire in the 100 acres dumping ground. 
If speculations are true, the fire might’ve been purposely lit by mafia gangs. But with the colossal size of the dumping ground, it leaves little for official confirmation as anybody could light the garbages on fire. With Deonar dumping ground under the probability of being shut down due to the colossal amount of garbage being deposited every day, the fire might also be a way for the officials to make space for garbages and keep the business of the dumping ground afloat. 
Current air quality in Mumbai is at 229 which can be deemed as poor. The BMC had previously sought for a solution for the Deonar dumping ground, even suggesting that wall should be put around it. 
(Further updates still awaited) 

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