Mumbai: The district administration of Lathur has held the residents of the area hostage in their homes by imposing section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code. This step was taken by the administration as a preventive measure to tackle violence over water distributed by government tankers. 
The decision came after complaints of obstruction of smooth water supply. Water is supplied through tankers once a week to residents of Latur, one of the worst drought-hit districts in the Marathwada region
Congress leader Ashok Chauhan has blamed the government for the inadequate supply of water in Latur.
Lawmaker from Latur Sunil Gaikwad said he asked the district administration to check that whatever water is available and it should be equally distributed among the people of the area and thus as a measure to check this, Section 144 was imposed in the area. 
Section 144 is being administered in 6 areas of Latur. Minister of State Home Ranjit Patil said measures are being taken to control the water crisis arising because of the ground water level that has gone down. 

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