MUMBAI: Mumbai’s Deonar dumping ground was once again engulfed with fire on Saturday evening which intensified on Sunday and spread to around two-three kilometres. The situation is no better even now and the area can be seen under a thick layer of smog.
The locals are facing a tough time and are cribbing the fact that the dumping ground being close to their residences makes them vulnerable to hazardous substances and diseases. 
Another local narrated his trouble telling how they are suffering breathing problem and that they living so near to the dumping ground reduces all the possibilities of breathing in fresh air. 
People have expressed their anguish and have urged the government to look into the matter immediately. 
This is the second time that fire has broken in Deonar dumping ground.  Another such massive fire broke out on January 27 in the dumping yard, which was brought under control after seven days of round the clock fire-fighting. 

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