New Delhi:  Prime Minister Narendra  Modi, while laying down the foundation stone of Dr Ambedkar Memorial, praised Ambedkar and said that he was honoured to get the opportunity to share his thoughts on Ambedkar.  
Modi, in his speech, mentioned that he is the first PM ever to speak at the Ambedkar Memorial function. Expressing anguish over the recognition of such a great leader after 60 years of his death Modi said, “It took 60 years for building a memorial of such a great leader as Ambedkar, who departed earth in 1956.”
Calling Ambedkar bigger than being just the Messiah of Dalits, Modi called him a global leader and an inspiration of all who set up an example by working towards the upliftment of the downtrodden. He worked not only for the upliftment of Dalits, but anyone who was backward, including the women of Tata Birla families.
In fact, when issue of equal rights to women came up, Baba Saheb was clear that if women don’t get equal rights he would not be a part of the ministry.
Comparing Ambedkar with Martin Luther King, Modi said that Baba Saheb was as iconic as Martin Luther who worked for the betterment of the oppressed. 
While speaking on reservations of Dalits, Tribals and marginalised communities, Modi said that it is their right which nobody can snatch from them. 
“In order to understand Baba Saheb, one needs to be sensitive towards the society and have faith in the great leader,” PM Modi said while highlighting Ambedkar’s concern towards the society.

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