Nagore: Devotees across the globe were present to witness the sandal pot procession and anointment of sandal, the most important events of the 459th annual Kandoori festival of the famous Nagore dargah on Saturday. 
Thousands of devotees from various parts of the country and foreign nations like Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia and the Gulf region gathered at Nagore to witness the holy event. 
“The ‘Sandanakoodu’ (sandal pot) procession commenced on Friday night and reached Nagore early on Saturday morning following which the auspicious event of anointment of sandal at the dargah was performed,” said Sheik Hasan Saheb, managing trustee of the 500-year old dargah. 
Nagore is an important Muslim pilgrim centre housing the dargah of Saint Hazrath Syed Shahul Hameed Quadir Wali on whose tomb the sandal paste is applied. Nagore is situated four kms north of Nagapattinam. 
The Kandoori festival begun on March 10 this year and would continue for 14 days. 

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