Tamil Nadu: With caste commanding the prospects of a marriage between individuals consenting to a matrimonial alliance, Tamil Nadu’s string of brutal honour killings has hit the heart of the southern state with many protesting against the Jayalalithaa government for lack of conviction in cases of honour killings. 
Since 2013, more than 81 cases of caste-based killings have been reported in the state. Excluding the numbers of isolated areas that do not get adequate media coverage, the actual number of honour killing cases may vary. The agitation is directed at the state government for indirectly encouraging this particular ancient edict to be followed by not convicting anyone for perpetrating such gruesome crimes. 
Vaiko and his political party poured into the streets of Tamil Nadu condemning the govt for its lack of conviction in crimes perpetrated against minorities. The protestors claim that more than 80% of the victims of honour killings are non-dalit women, which propounds the notion that honour killing is hate crime blindly advocated under the garb of tradition. 
With state elections around the corner, political parties are also spearheading their campaign with the issue of honour killing. Parties have demanded compensation for the family of the dalit man who was recently hacked in broad daylight in full public view. They have also demanded for the urgent implementation of a law against honour killing. 
Many are of the conception that the Tamil Nadu state government is purposely ignoring crimes against minorities. In order to appease the upper caste voters, they claim that the state government has kept mum on these issues.