New Delhi: A day after Union Minister of Urban Development Venkaiah Naidu reverentially commended Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress leader Manish Tiwari slammed Naidu’s reverence by saying that it reeked of sycophancy. 
Venkaiah Naidu, on the final day of the two-day BJP national executive meet where a political resolution was being moved, made a reverential statement saying that the Prime Minister was “God’s gift to India” and was a “Messiah of the poor”. Naidu said that India is recognised and respected everywhere because of Narendra Modi. And he inherited challenges in each and every sector and eventually steered clear of them.
Venkaiah Naidu’s comment which sparked a national debate on social media was picked up and criticised by the Congress leader Manish Tiwari. He questioned Naidu’s statement by saying that Modi was God’s gift not for India, but instead was a gift for the Indian oligarch. Tiwari also claimed that the kind of nomenclature which was employed by the Union Minister was indicative of nepotism, the practice of giving favours to relatives or friends. 
Speaking to NewsX, Congress spokesperson Brijesh Kalappa said that Narendra Modi was just another human being. He exclaimed that it was wrong to put the Prime Minister on such a big pedestal.   
But Venkaiah Naidu was quick to retaliate; when asked about the views expressed by the opposition, the minister said that it was expected of the Congress to make these kinds of baseless allegations. 
“What about Indira is India? What about the time when the Congress leaders said that they are ready to place chappals on their head if they’re told to do so?” said Naidu. 
In an effort to justify his statement, the minister said that the Prime Minister had performed commendable tasks which was unsurpassed by anyone else. Naidu said that 20 crore bank accounts had been opened, 6000 villages had been electrified, Rs 1000 minimum pension had been guaranteed, etc – all which had ensured massive progress in the last two years.