Hyderabad: After the much upheaval that took place yesterday in the Hyderabad University campus, where a group of students vandalised vice-chancellor Appa Rao’s office on his return from almost a nearly two-month leave, twenty-seven students have been booked. Two of the faculty members have also been booked.
A clash between the police and a group of students was witnessed, when the vice-chancellor of the Hyderabad University returned after a leave to resume his office. The students vandalised his office, leading to property destruction.
Appa Rao had gone on a leave, after the issue of Rohith Vemula’s suicide erupted, and on his return, the students could not control their rage and took law in their own hands by destructing the property of the campus. The teachers along with the vice-chancellor were kept inside the room and under police security. 
The Registrar, In-charge of the HyderabadUniversity had written a letter to the Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad narrating the entire incident that took place and asking for deployment of police forces at all the gates of the University to to back up their own security setup. 
Appa Rao clarified that, neither his going on a leave nor coming back is anyway related with HRD ministry’s instructions. 
Also, Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) President Kanhaiya Kumar is to visit the University today. Media entry into the university has been barred.