Mohali: The habit of Pakistan of dragging Kashmir into all of their issues and showing their right over India’s ‘pride’ Kashmir seems to have seeped into Pakistan’s cricketers as well. 
Yesterday, in World T20 match between Pakistan and New Zealand held in Mohali, Pakistan Captain Shahid Afridi said that a lot of people from Kashmir have come to support Pakistan team.
People from Kashmir were seen holding placards with Shahid Afridi’s name inked on it and were cheering for the Pakistan team.
It looked like as if for Afridi it was not about all the Indians but specifically Indians from Kashmir that had come to Mohali to cheer for Pakistan team. 
Recently also, in a press conference before the beginning of the tournament, Afridi faced sharp criticism from his own country for passing the remark that he got more love from his Indian fans than those in his own country.  
The issue is not that the Indians were cheering for Pakistan team, but the specific reference to the people from Kashmir, in a way indicating that Kashmir is more inclined towards Pakistan.

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