Mumbai: Tasked with monitoring millions, Mumbai Police this year went ahead and took an innovative step to ensure the safety of citizens as they celebrate Holi this year. Police officers would be dressed as civilians and would form a part of the crowd and keep a strict vigil towards any untoward instances.

This strategy of Mumbai Police is being taken up with multiple objectives. Firstly, it will help in the prevention of any terror activities as mass gatherings are possible targets of terrorist groups.

Safety of women is another crucial aspect for law and order agencies during the Holi festival as molesters find it easier to misbehave in big crowds, especially due to the kind of boisterous way in which Holi is celebrated.

Hence, catching such troublemakers by being a part of the crowd would be convenient for the police. Adding to this arrangement, there is a special women squad acting as helpline for women on the day.

“We will also have special all-women squads deployed all over the city so that any women who fall victim to molestation and eve teasing can approach these squads to complain about it,” Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Deven Bharti said.

Patrolling, Nakabandis, and vehicle checks would begin from Wednesday night in order to prevent any drugs being brought into the city. Anti-Terror Cells of all police stations, Riot Control Police teams and Quick Response Teams will be on standby to deal with any law and order problem that might arise, the police said. 

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