New Delhi: Minister of State in Prime Minister’s Office Jitender Singh speaks exclusively to the NewsX on Pakistan Day function. Jitender Singh stated that he will not be attending the Pakistan Day function at the Pakistan High Commission in Delhi today.
“Due to my personal pre-occupation I will not be able to attend the function,” Singh told NewsX
MoS PMO defended government’s Pakistan Policy and said, ”As far as the policy is concerned I think it’s been a very consistent policy and it has repeatedly reached the time by the government and as well as Minister of External Affair that terror and talks can’t go together because terror of blast and sound of dialogue gets drowned but the talks on terror have to go on.”
“We are in favour of peace and good relations with all the countries.”
Mr. Singh talking over talks with Pakistan said, “If you closely follow the sequence of last few months, you will realise that whenever the occasion arose the government of India and ministry of foreign affairs was ready and as far as India is concerned it has followed the policy of zero tolerance towards terrorism. No third party involvement in talks.”
It is not on Mr. Singh to pronounce on policy but he has indicated in a manner sense of speaking that Bhartiya Janata Party as well as the NDA are on board with the decision to send representative to the function which is being held today where some of the separatists who have spoken in traitors term will also be present.

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