Karnataka: After Power Crisis, Water Scarcity is set to singe major parts of Karnataka in the coming months as drought-like conditions continue to worsen by the week. Water supply to Bengaluru, Mysuru and neighbouring districts in southern Karnataka is likely to get affected with Krishna Raja Sagara reservoir in Mandya district considered the lifeline of the state capital is reporting a new low. This is mainly due to an extended dry spell in Kodagu. Water Resources Minister MB Patil urged residents to use Water judiciously because of the dwindling storage levels at major reservoirs.
Water resources minister said, “This is the worst drought faced in last 45 years so we have reserved water for drinking purposes until June end and if people use this water judiciously then water can be further extended with same water.”
Around 136 Tehsil have been declared drought in Karnataka.
Karnataka officials demanded more than 7000 crore as input subsidy from the government and Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah promised 34 lakhs to be allotted to improve water storage but till now government have not released any inputs to Karnataka.
The unseasonal rainfall in December had brought hope to some districts as it filled up a few lakes and tanks but this harsh summer has left farmers worried and angry. 

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