Mumbai: NewsX has accessed an RTI which exposed the maha ‘chamchagiri’ by the Maharashtra state government when it spent a whooping 3 crore rupess on a single event in its desperate bid to butter up the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
On October 11, 2015 the Maharashtra government organized a ‘Gala’ event to lay the foundation of two metro corridors in which PM Modi was the chief guest. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis along with other Central minister also attended the ceremony. However PM Modi was present for a mere 44 minutes during the ceremony. 
The RTI also showed how the government wasted money just to impress the Prime Minister.  According to reports, 93, 35, 970 rupees were spent just for water proofing tents; 1, 12 ,97,000 rupees for chairs and 71, 67, 000 rupees on temporary electrical installation and the list goes on. All of this money could have spent perhaps better elsewhere.
In an another report, a ruling BJP legislator said that more money was being spent on the upkeep of cattle in Maharashtra than orphans in state-run shelter homes. 

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