West Bengal: Another Shocker from Bengal, A ten year old girl was allegedly raped in Murshidabad for not joining Trinamool Congress. The girl was raped by a TMC supporter Ranjit Mondal.

The mother of the girl alleges that the local TMC was exerting pressure on them to join the TMC but she refused to do so. Finally the 10 year old child was abducted from her home and taken to the deserted place and raped. Later the Kangaroo court was set up in the village and that too disappointed the family asking them to join the TMC.

Police nabbed the accused and arrested him today after family of the child filed a case against TMC supporter Ranjit Mondal.

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Local Trinamool Congress have denied all the charges and even denied Ranjit Mondal to be part of their party membership.

During the season of West Bengal elections, TMC has been into the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Earlier, prominent TMC leaders were seen taking bribes, video of which went viral and now TMC is exerting pressure to join TMC, denial of which TMC supporters are committing gruesome crimes.

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