New Delhi: Karnataka this year is facing the worst drought in forty years due to which it is facing the second consecutive drought leading to miserable conditions there.
A NewsX ground report from the worst affected Chickballapur area of Karnataka:
The water crisis has affected people so much that they are forced to drink contaminated water. The water that is available contains harmful chemicals including nitrite, fluoride and arsenic. Bore wells were dig upto 2000 feet but only poisoned water was found. 
There has been a loss of cattle due to the consumption of poisonous water. People are forced to consume the infected water as the water purifiers are dysfunctional. The government has installed 200 purifiers in 2000 villages which are not maintained well.
Farmers in the area face worst agricultural losses. People are somehow fighting for their survival and the only silver lining is the water available in the lakes that is used for domestic and husbandry purposes.