New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi took on liquor barren Vijay Mallya and  slamming Congress said,” Congress was opening banks for the rich during its rule and its governments who have through these banks filled the coffers of the rich too will have to pay.”
Modi while addressing an election rally in Assam for the second successive day said, “You know how the rich have usurped public money. My government has tightened the screws on the bank defaulters. They are sweating due to fear of going to jail and are fleeing. But no one will be spared.”
Modi further added, “The money looted from the banks does not belong to the banks but to the poor people of the country and I will ensure that those who looted this money return each and every penny.”
Prime Minister Narendra Modi was holding an election rally in Karimganj of the Barak Valley in Assam today. The prime minister was accompanied by all the 15 BJP candidates of the Barak Valley and some senior leaders.

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