New Delhi: In a shocking incident from Ujjain, a wedding ceremony turned into a mourning procession after a celebratory firing session. The incident was reported in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, where the groom’s father was hit with a bullet during celebratory firing.

Celebratory firing is most common in North India but as seen in the video, the wreckless firing was made even more dangerous with the casual approach of the wedding goers. A person, marked with a red circle in the video, is trying to load a 12 gauge gun and while trying to close the barrel, the round went off and accidently killed a man who happened to be the groom’s father.

The groom’s father is seen in the video raising his hand and bucking up the wedding party for more celebratory fire but unfortunately, he comes at the receiving end.

According to reports, a majority of weapons used in celebratory firing are unlicensed. Often the people killed in celebratory firing are innocent but in this case it seems the man asking for celebratory firing dug his own grave.

It is a matter of concern that often such incidents happen and innocent people fall prey to it but no concrete steps have been taken by the state administrations to avoid such accidents.