Dehradun: The days of struggle for Shaktiman, the horse which lost its leg when BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi allegedly hit it during an agitation, seem to be coming to an end. It was reported that the horse is now able to stand without a harness. 
Shaktiman, a police horse, suffered a major injury few weeks ago, when BJP MLAs held a protest during which one of the MLAs, Ganesh Joshi allegedly hit the horse with a stick leading to multiple fractures in its leg. Ultimately, the leg of the horse had to be amputated. 
Currently, an artificial limb has been attached provided by Dr Vijay Nautiyal of Artifical Limb Hospital, Dehradun. It is also reported, that a US-based NGO which works for animal welfare, will be providing artificial limb to Shaktiman free of cost. Only the shipping charges have to be paid.
Shaktiman has been a part of Uttarakhand Mounted Police for years and is a well-trained horse. 
BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi, who has been accused of allegedly hitting Shaktiman, was arrested on March 14. 

2 responses to “Shaktiman does not lose courage; stands without a harness”

  1. All power to Shaktiman, it is great to see him standing, wish we humans had the same kind of courage and fortitude that he has displayed.

  2. Hit the leg of the BJP MLA so that hewillfeel thepain of the horse .This is the way to retaliate instead of filing police case out of which he will come out bribing the police

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