Mumbai: A shocking incident took place in Kalyan a few days back. CCTV footage from March 18th that has emerged from Mumbai’s Kalyan area, shows three goons barging into a house complex and thrashing a security guard mercilessly. 
The incident took place between 12:00 am and 3:00 am.
In the video, one out of the three goons is seen hitting the guard with a portable table fan. The accused pushed the security guard to the ground and beat him mercilessly. They then thrashed, dragged and bludgeoned the victim. After beating the security guard to death the goons fled the scene leaving the victim lifeless.
The guard who was later admitted to a nearby hospital succumbed to his injuries.
Kalyan police are on a lookout for the accused and a team has been formed to catch the goons. The family of the victim is crying out for justice. Police has questioned the owners of the house where this incident took place.

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