Mumbai: More legal trouble is in the cards for self-styled godwoman, Radhe Maa, as she has an FIR filed against her under the Arms Act for attempting to carry a trident on a flight.

Sukhvinder Kaur a.k.a. Radhe Maa garnered quite an amount of media notoriety for being a mini-skirt wearing godwoman, when some pictures of her went viral. While some people defended her for dressing however she wanted in her private life, others saw the viral images as an opportunity to call out these self-styled religious gurus on their hypocrisy.

The mini-skirt issue, while almost entirely frivolous, was just one of the reasons Radhe Maa was under fire as she was also facing dowry charges, having instigated issues of dowry torture amongst her devotees.

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The problems don’t seem to stop for the supposed religious leader as the Andheri metropolitan magistrate had ordered the police to lodge an FIR under the Arms Act against her for carrying a sharp trident on a flight, in August 2015. The order was made following a complaint by RTI activist, Asad Patel, who commented on the issue saying, “Tridents, which are dangerous and can cause harm to passengers, are among many other such sharp items banned by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. However, since Radhe Maa claims to be a godwoman, she was not restrained by the airport security staff from carrying it with her on the flight operated by a private airline. No weapon or replica of a weapon is allowed on board as per civil Aviation safety rules.”

This is just one of the many legal cases Radhe Maa is facing, with activist Falguni Brambhatt having filed a complaint against her for obscenity, as well.

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