Bengaluru: The class 12 Chemistry question paper that was leaked for the second time on Thursday led to protests among students and parents. The protests continued to take place today too.
The board has come out with a solution by slating the exam to be held on April 4.
Already two examinations of the same paper have been cancelled making the students anguished and asking for a simpler solution. 
The protests in the city intensified since yesterday. ABVP activists are staging protests. 
Yesterday it was seen how hues and cries took place and students’ wings like ABVP, NSUI joined the students outside the PU Board to support them.
On Friday scenes of detention were seen taking place as students continued to protest and were unwilling to sit for any further exams. 
The Chemistry question paper of the second year pre-university course (equivalent to class 12) for students in Karnataka leaked again on Thursday — the second time in 10 days. Shocked and furious over the authorities’ failure to conduct fair examinations, students and their parents protested against the education board. 
Students were angry against the education authority, stressing that they would not give the chemistry examination for a third time. “We won’t write the exam again” was a common placard and students chanted the slogan outside the examination centres. Their parents also echoed the same and said, “Is it a joke?”

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