Mumbai: In the latest decision by Ma harashtra state government, a draft has been made in a bid to regulate dance bars. The State government is now going to define which move of the dancers will amount to obscenity and what cannot be performed in such performances.

The draft of the proposed bill here aims at protecting the dignity of women in hotels, bars and restaurants where these performances will be taking place. As per the draft, a dance is defined as obscene if it is being choreographed with the intention to ‘arouse sexual feelings’ among spectators. The draft also mentions ‘sexual actions’ that suggest that the dancer is available for sexual favors as well, will be considered obscene.

Bar owners that do not follow the prescribed rules of the draft would be fined upto Rs. 10 lakhs or 3 years of imprisonment or both.

The Maharashtra government, that is already receiving a lot of criticism for various other issues, has received a lot of objection from all hoteliers and dance bar owners to this particular drafted bill.

All moves with respect to the dance bars, would be finalised after the submission of the bill for approval before the end of this session.  

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