Pushkar: A Spanish couple was intercepted and manhandled on April 4 by local goons at a tourist spot at Pushkar in Ajmer when a group of around 5 people molested them.
The couple who also have American citizenship came to Pushkar and took a bike on rent to Ajay Pal temple, a popular tourist spot there. According to reports, the woman was molested with her clothes torn off and tried to snatch her bag while the male tourist head was injured with a stone.
“They are not openly talking to us, but we are trying to gather more information about the incident,” a police official said. 
After the incident, the victims were so terrified that even after a long counselling session and assurance; they did not agree
to file a complaint with the police.
However, the brutes meanwhile are still on the run and the cops have failed to nab the molesters.