New Delhi: A shocking hit and run case took place in Delhi on Tuesday as a driver lost control of a Mercedes and mowed down one person.

An eyewitness, a friend of the victim, said that he was hit at a speed of no less that 80-100kmph. The collision flung the victim 15-20 feet in the air while five people on two different bikes narrowly escaped a collision with the Mercedes.

After the accident, the people in the Mercedes came out of the car and fled the scene, abandoning the Mercedes on the spot.

Considering that the Delhi police have access to both the car and the number plate, it is being assumed that it shouldn’t be too difficult to prosecute the culprit.

Friends of the victim present at the hospital where he was admitted made statements saying that the owner of the vehicle had not only come to the hospital only to show no remorse or sympathy, but he had also made statements saying he will “handle the police.”

A key witness in the case, an advocate, said that he will be taking up the matter and has put together a list of seven witnesses. According to him, those present in the vehicle at the time of the accident were as young as 16-17 years old.

It was also reported that the family’s driver was asked to falsely come and take blame and say that he was the one driving at the time of the accident.

No arrest have been made as of yet.