In an exclusive interview with NewsX, the BJP President Amit Shah expressed his opinion over some of the boiling topics being discussed in the nation. Modi’s right hand, Shah, came out openly and talked about the following issues:
Talking about the Assam elections, Amit Shah said that the state government in power does not hold the right to be in power anymore as the condition of Assam has only deteriorated under its rule. Issues such as Bangladeshi intruders entering Assam, corruption, etc., have to be uprooted from the soil of Assam completely. The Congress has failed to do anything in this regard and so a better government is the need of the hour in Assam.
Speaking about Baba Ramdev, Amit Shah said, “Baba Ramdev is not a BJP member nor is he a part of the organisation.” But, extending his support towards Ramdev, Shah said that the freedom of expression, which is talked about by many, also applies to Baba Ramdev as well and so he too has the right to speak his mind.
Talking about the much-heated issue – Ram Mandir, the BJP president said that the Ram Mandir will be built only if there is a full consensus or if there is a Supreme Court’s order. He said this view was shared by his party too.
Speaking bluntly, Amit Shah confidently said that in spite of supporting the Kanhaiya incident and using it as a strategy for the elections the Congress would be unable to win in Assam.