New Delhi: A day after Sidharth Sharma was mowed down by a luxury car while he was crossing the road at a zebra crossing, the father of the accused has been booked for allowing a minor to drive the car, but under light charges.
Sidharth Sharma’s father, in this tormenting time also, managed to speak to NewsX and expressed his utter despair not only over his son’s demise, but the hundreds of them who die due to road accidents every day. 
Here’s what he had to say:
NewsX: Do you think it’s time now that the police takes strict action against the accused? The man who owned the car has been arrested, but under light charges.
Hemraj Sharma (Sidharth’ father): My son is gone and he is not going to come back, but I don’t wish that somebody else’s son dies in the same way. The accident was fatal and nobody was arrested for 24 hours. I do not wish the same manner of postponing the investigation in such cases continues. I want that justice should prevail. 
A person who can drive at a speed of 100 kmph and can kill a person, I don’t think that person should be treated as a juvenile. Also, the owner of the car should be treated as an offender and should be put behind bars.
I am an ex-defence personnel and my father was a freedom fighter and if this type of treatment is given to the patriots then I don’t think this country will be in a better position in the future. 
NewsX: The person was too arrogant and made statements such as, “Jo karna hai kar lo, hum dekh lenge,”if you could confirm the same.
Hemraj Sharma: I overheard it from the people when I came to see my son in the mortuary. I heard people saying that the father of the accused had come to the hospital and was seen saying, “Jo karna hai kar lo, hum bhi dekh lenge.” 
NewsX: Do such statements by the people who are guilty, make you even more angry?
Hemraj Sharma: This is what my concern is. People should be safe on the roads and their lives should not be in the hands of those who consider law to be their private property.
NewsX: Are you apprehensive that because this man is powerful, somewhere during the course, justice could be compromised? Will you stop fighting for your son?
Hemraj Sharma: I will never stop my fight. I don’t want money or any compensation, but only justice for my son. I want the support of media as well so that the culprits are brought to book. 
Having a car is not a big thing, but giving the keys to minors is not right. So, the father is a bigger offender than the son. He should be behind bars
NewsX: There has been a change in the juvenile law but that is in the rarest of the rarest case. Do you think all such cases should be a part of this renewed law?
Hemraj Sharma: Absolutely. It should be a part of the renewed law. If this is an ordinary case, then can they bring back my son? 
NewsX: Do you think that somewhere along the course of enquiry, there will be some more lapses?
Hemraj Sharma: I do not want to point out any particular person, but there have been lapses in the case. The police action should have been faster. It is not a mere accident, but a murder. 
There have been lapses. It cannot be claimed now whether the one driving was under the influence of alcohol or something. 
NewsX: What would you request to the authorities through the medium of NewsX? 
Hemraj Sharma: If action is not taken, then such cases will always be taken lightly. People will keep losing their lives on the roads and the culprits will escape easily. It is not an accident, but a murder. 
Many witnesses have promised to give their statement in regard to the case. It is expected that serious action will be taken by the police and the guilty will be brought to the books. 

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