New Delhi: The last moments of 32-year old Siddharth Sharma’s life before he was hit by a speeding Mercedes car have been captured on a CCTV camera. 
In the video, Siddharth can be seen crossing the road before he was hit by a speeding Mercedes car. 
Following the incident, the clamour is now growing that there should be some stringent rules and laws that deter minors from driving.
As per legal experts, the CCTV footage is expected to play a major role in the case.
Amidst the entire episode, Siddharth’s family is pleading for justice and has questioned the inordinate delay in action by Delhi Police.
The father of the accused has been booked for allowing a minor to drive the car, but under light charges.
Sidharth Sharma’s father, in these tormenting times, spoke to NewsX and expressed his despair not only over his son’s demise, but the hundreds of them who die due to road accidents every day.

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