Noida: Just a week before round two of ‘Odd-Even’ scheme of Aam Aadmi party, NewsX takes a look at the condition of public buses on the roads. In a bizarre incident, a public bus broke down in the middle of a narrow road at Sector 3, Noida, adding to the already serpentine traffic situation on the busy stretch.
The Odd-Even scheme which was tested during the month of January this year earned both appreciation as well as criticism. On one hand, some were under the impression that the idea of allowing odd cars on odd dates and even cars on even dates on the roads helped reducing traffic and pollution level in the city.
On the contrary, many others were of the opinion that it caused discomfort to the travellers. The Delhi government, during its first trial run of the Odd-Even plan, had exempted women and motorcyclists from the ban.
In the month of January, schools were closed and buses from other states were hired to increase the commuter mobility on the roads which was a boon for the Delhi government. Metro frequency was also increased during the peak rush hours.
Phase 2 of ‘Odd-Even’ scheme is a real test for Arvind Kejriwal’s government as the schools are not closed this time around. ‘Situation of air conditioned buses in the Delhi-NCR region is bad’ a notion believed by many, is the real challenge Kejriwal government will have to face. The display of the wrecked bus showed ‘Odd-Even II’ from April 15 to April 30 which does not make sure that Kejriwal government is really prepared for the big test ahead.
The broken-down bus in Noida caused a jam of kilometres, hopefully after a span of 15 minutes the bus driver figured out the snag but if such incidents keep on repeating during the big show by the AAP government, then the program would get more detractors this time.

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