Bihar: After the liquor ban in the state of Bihar from April 1 onwards, the people seem to be suffering even more. The craving to get the alcohol and the helplessness felt on not getting it is making people almost half mad and the withdrawal symptoms have already claimed the lives of two. 
According to the reports, a cop succumbed to his yearning for alcohol and another man’s life ended in the same way, while he was already in a rehabilitation centre.  
Cop Raghunandan Basra was admitted to hospital after he became unconscious and collapsed on the floor. While the doctors are still ascertaining the cause of his death, they believe that the death could be the result of heart attack or hypertension also. 
Another such case of death was reported where a man was struggling hard to catch his breath. By the time he was brought to hospital, his condition deteriorated even more He was already admitted in a rehab in order to quit his habit of boozing. 
So far, seven alcohol addicts have been admitted into rehabilitation centres. 
Not just this, some people in order to satisfy their craving even ate soaps which caused them serious health problem and they had to be admitted in hospitals. 
Bihar became the fourth dry state, when CM Nitish Kumar announced it as a liquor free state with the rule being in effect from April 1, 2016.

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