Nashik: In another big win for the right-to-pray activists, the Trimbakeshwar Temple high priest and Trustee Satya Priya Shukla on Friday spoke to NewsX and said if men will be allowed then women should also be allowed. But, the High Priest has also said that they will respect the order of the Bombay High Court. 
According to reports the High Priest said that there will be an emergency meeting of trustees today which will be attended by officers and villagers from the local village where the temple is located and a decision will be taken further. 
Women activist Trupti Desai who fought for the entry of women in the inner sanctorum of the Shani Shingnapur temple, spoke to NewsX and said, “It was a good decision and she will continue her fight for equal rights for women.” 
Last week the Bombay High Court in its order said that if men are allowed in a place of worship then women should also be permitted as no existing law prevents them from doing so.
“There is no law that prevents entry of women in any place. If you allow men then you should allow women also. If a male can go and pray before the deity then why not women? It is the state government’s duty to protect the rights of women,” the court said. 

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