New Delhi: In another development in Delhi’s Mercedes hit and run case on Sunday, the accused juvenile’s bail plea has been rejected by the Delhi Magistrate court.
However, as per reports, juvenile’s father has been granted bail on a personal bail bond of Rs 1 lakh. 
The juvenile has been apprehended and handed over to the Juvenile justice officer. He will stay at a Juvenile home for a day after which he will again be produced before the Juvenile Justice Board tomorrow.
The metropolitan court also granted bail to driver Kuldeep, as he was charged under bailable offences, Sections 201 & 203 but juveniles father has not been granted bail. 
The Delhi Police on Saturday has said that the accused juvenile in the Mercedes hit-and-run case is a repeat offender and also earlier also caused accidents by driving in a rash manner.
In a shocking incident on April 4, a driver lost control of a Mercedes and mowed down a 32 year old later identified as Siddharth Sharma.
An eyewitness, a friend of the victim, said that he was hit at a speed of no less that 80-100kmph. The collision flung the victim 15-20 feet in the air while five people on two different bikes narrowly escaped a collision with the Mercedes.