NEW DELHI: The second part of the budget session began on Monday and the focus shifted to Land Bill after the government tabled the ordinance in the Parliament without any changes.

Ahead of the budget session of the Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today appealed the support of oppositions, saying “Ï hope it’s a productive session.”

“Last session was very productive. I hope it’s a productive session and have faith in this session,” PM Modi told reporters after reaching Parliament. He added that I am hopeful of constructive debates.

PM Modi early this morning, spoke about the Parliament session on Twitter. “Parliament session begins today. I look forward to a productive session, filled with constructive debates on several issues,” he said.

Here are the Live Updates of the session:

4:50 PM: Venkaiah Naidu addresses the Parliament, replies to Rahul Gandhi

• As a farmer, I want the best for them
• No point in scoring political brownie points
• We should all come together to find out solutions
• No farmer wants his son to take his profession forward
• There is a need to increase output

4:25 PM: Rahul Gandhi addresses Parliament amidst chaos

• Achche Din government has failed India, says Rahul
• How can government talk about strengthening Nation? 
• Farmers are the backbone of India
• UPA government worked for farmers’ benefit
• Wheat, sugarcane prices have increased
• Agricultural growth stagnating
• Why can’t PM go and find out the right figures?
• Farmers go to buy fertillizers, they are beaten up
• India’s agriculture experts have also slammed bill
• PM claims, experts are wrong, agriculture ministry says, PM is wrong
• There is doublespeak everywhere
• Government is ignoring the farmers’ troubles
 • Modi wins the election but doesn’t know what the people want
• Farmers are struggling and you slap them with this ordinance.
• Government is making a big mistake
• The farmers will make you pay for your mistake
• The value of farmers’ land is increasing
• Yours is a suit-boot government

4:22 PM: Rahul Gandhi begins his address in Lok Sabha

4:15 PM: All Congress MPs told to be present for Rahul’s speech

4:12 PM: Congress President Rahul Gandhi to speak in Lok Sabha on Land Bill shortly

4:10 PM: Sonia Gandhi meets farmers at 10 Janpath

2:10 PM: Take back the ordinance, says Congress

2:06 PM: Congress LoP protests government’s decision to table ordinance

2:05 PM: Lok Sabha reconvens after being adjourned amidst row by Opposition

12:45 PM: Lok Sabha abjourned till 2 PM amid uproar

12:40 PM: Rahul Gandhi to speak in Lok Sabha at 4 PM on Land Bill

12:17 PM: Congress raises “Save Farmer” slogans in the house

12:15 PM: Opposition protests tabling of Land Bill, calls it anti-farmer

12:12 PM: Sushma Swaraj’s address on Yemen evacuation disrupted by opposition

12:10 PM: Land Bill tabled by government in Lok Sabha

12:02 PM: Giriraj Singh apologises over racist comment against Sonia Gandhi

11:40 AM: Rahul Gandhi arrives Parliament, refuses to take questions on Land Bill

11:30 AM: Giriraj Singh’s statements have embarrassed India globally: Opposition

11:26 AM: Rahul Gandhi reaches Parliament, set to join House shortly

11:25 AM: Statement made outside Parliament shouldn’t affect House, says Speaker

11:23 AM: Speaker condemns remarks, appeals to opposition to let session continue

11:22 AM: Masarat Alam issue to be raised in the House: Sources

11:20 AM: PM Modi must make a statement in the House

11:17 AM: Congress raises issue of the comments made by Giriraj Singh & Sanjay Raut in the Parliament, says Giriraj and Raut must apologise in Lok Sabha for their remarks.

11:15 AM: Second leg of the budget session begins with reconvening of Lok Sabha

11:00 AM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets key ministers ahead of the budget session