New Delhi: Kirpal Singh, the Indian prisoner in Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore, passed away on Monday due to a heart attack. He was serving a life sentence.
His family in India on hearing the unfortunate news reacted thus: “We have passed 24 years waiting for my brother and we don’t know whether the government has killed him or the reason was something else, but at least they should hand over the dead body to us,” said Jagir Kaur, Kirpal’s bereaved sister.
The family also slammed the government for not listening to their pleas earlier and letting them meet their brother. “We wanted that he shouldn’t have been killed like Sarbjit,” said an emotional sister.
Talking about the old days, “Entire day and night we used to talk about him; we were two sisters and one brother but now we are alone”, said the emotional sister.

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