Latur: The 10-wagon train that left from Miraj in Sangli district of western Maharashtra carrying 5,40,000 litres of water reached the drough-hit Latur early on Tuesday morning.
The water is expected to be treated first before it is distributed to the population.
Railway Mnister Suresh Prabhu took the initiative, much to the relief of the residents of Latur district. The Railway division plans to send a few more ‘water trains’ to the district of Latur to ease the situation.
A major part of Maharashtra has been hit by drought this year. About 15,000 villages, including Latur, are facing water shortage.
According to the villagers, the administration sends only limited water tankers to the village which has been proving insufficient for the over two crore residents. The villagers either have to buy water or get them from a nearby farm. The women of the village have to carry water from across two kilometres.
Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had earlier said that the state government and the railway ministry were working hard to bring relief to people in the drought-affected region. Gladly, there is some action and the administration has promised to continue with that.

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