New Delhi: Times of India’s image of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton at India Gate has been taken up on social media in a very bad taste and the troll army is battling against it.
Quoted as Kate’s ‘Marilyn Monroe moment,’ the news was not picked up well by the Twitterati. The article by TOI was ‘so much in the news’ that it even started trending on Twitter, but for all the wrong reasons. Some dubbed Times of India as “naked and nude advertising paper” and called it a cheap publicity stunt. 
The shocking part was that instead of the heated national issues being reported from across the globe, Times of India picked up this incident as its leading story and prioritised it to the extent of putting it up on the front page.
Some even questioned the leading daily’s hospitality towards the royal couple.  Definitely, TOI has succeeded in giving the royal couple an impression of ‘incredulous’ India. 
In its attempt to catch more eyes, TOI shifted the focus from the tribute to martyrs visit by the royal couple at India Gate to Kate’s ‘up-skirt’ moment.
Weird that a country which believes in the philosophy of ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ has a daily that embarrasses its royal guests. 

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