Murthal: After two women, one NRI from Australia and a local college student accused that both were attacked and raped during the Jat agitation in Haryana in February this year, the Haryana police on Monday added gang rape charges in Murthal sexual assaults.
Still recovering from the ghastly ordeal, the victim’s petitioner Utsav Bains told NewsX, “She was gang-raped and no one heard her screams.” The victims have also written to the police and politicians about the incident to seek their help. 
According to the victim’s statement, the administration tried to hide the angle of gang rape, physical attacks, vandalism, rioting and robbery.
However, according to reports, the Haryana cops on Monday informed the Punjab and Haryana High Court that they have added gang rape charges to the case.
Following the incident, this could be seen as an important development, because earlier, the Haryana government and police had first denied that any sexual assault took place during the agitations.
The police also said that they are investigating two letters that have surfaced from victims mentioning that they were gang-raped. A suo-motu cognizance of media reports in this case has been taken up by the courts. Meanwhile the next hearing in the case will take place on May 4. 
Here is the victims’ account: 
We reached Murthal and as our taxi went ahead there was a jam.
Though scared, we decided to move forward.
We had food at a dhabha and slept in the taxi. 
Just 15 minutes had passed since we slept when I woke up to a loud bang.
Someone had broken the window of our car.
The mob was abusing and diesel was thrown on cars.
My husband had an injury on his forehead due to an attack by a sword.
Me and my niece escaped from the right door.
My sister-in-law and my daughter escaped from the back door.
A mob with lathis and swords attacked us.
I screamed for my niece and sister-in-law.
I saw a mob running in that direction.
I tried to look for my relatives; some goons took to me the fields.
There was no one who could hear my screams there.
I couldn’t even hear their talk.
I could see shadows and hear screams from nearby fields.
My daughter and sister-in-law have lost their innocence.
My sister-in-law screams in her dreams.
Following this unfortunate tragedy, the Haryana government must explain why the testimonies of the victims were kept hidden from public domain and why the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) were not informed?

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