Mumbai: The Maharashtra assembly passed the stringent dance bar bill on Tuesday. The dance bar bill will maintain strict rules on dance bars and see if at all dance bars need to be operated in Mumbai. On Monday, the Maharashtra cabinet cleared the dance bar bill.
There are several strict rules that have been included in the bill and the restrictions have not gone down well with the dance bar owners.
Some of the key provisions of the landmark Bill passed on Tuesday in the Supreme Court include, a jail term of up to six months for inappropriately touching or misbehaving with a bar dancer, a hefty fine for violating licence norms, compulsory installation of CCTV cameras in all the dance bars of Maharashtra and a time limit after which dancers will not be allowed to be present inside the bars.
The bill also says that no alcohol will be allowed in dance bars and no ‘sexually suggestive’ moves will be entertained.
Dance bar owners association will be challenging the draft bill by approaching the Supreme Court because according to the owners it is difficult to adhere to the rules that have been presented in the bill.
Commenting on the controversial bill, Activists and Senior Lawyer Abha Singh said, “The Maharashtra government did not want the bars to open but after the stringent remark of the Supreme Court they had no other option but to give licenses.  Definition of obscenity in the bill dance bars are so vague that the case fits in the Supreme Court.”


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