New Delhi: April 13 marks the Punjabi New Year ‘Baisakhi’ 2016 which is being celebrated with a lot of passion and fun across North India.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Wednesday, also took to social platform Twitter to extend his wishes to the nation and the world on the auspicious occasion of Baisakhi.
Baisakhi, also known as the Harvest festival of Punjab, is celebrated to show gratitude towards God for a good harvest season.
It marks the birth of the Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s establishment of the Khalsa Panth in the year 1699. It also marks the Punjabi New Year, falling on the Baisakh, the first month of Bikram Sambat Hindu calendar.
On the auspicious day of the festival, people also make commemorate brotherhood in the Sikh community. Grant Sahib scriptures are placed on a throne and read out loud followed by distribution of Kada Prasad to all the devotees at the worship place Gurudwara. People also visit the Golden Temple, the holiest Gurdwara for Sikhs, on this day to seek blessings. 
Baisakhi is celebrated by the Sikh Diaspora all over the world, with traditional dance forms like Bhangra and Gidda along with folk music and feasts.

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