New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday observed that “In the Hindu religion there is no denomination of a Hindu male or female. A Hindu is a Hindu.”
The observation was made by the Apex Court while hearing the petition filed by Indian Young Lawyer Association against the ban on entry of menstruating women into Kerala’s Sabarimala temple.
“God being a ‘brahamchari’, the women between the ages of 10 to 50 are not allowed, but can you deny entry of women based on traditions which are against the Constitutional principle?” Justice Deepak Misra said.
The bench had said, “We will now only be guided by the rationale under the Constitution. The gravity of this petition is that gender justice is endangered.”
Referring to the prevalent Hindu protocol, the bench said the mother has to be greeted ahead of father, ‘Kul Guru’ (teacher of the clan) and ‘Kul Purohit’ (priest of the clan) and hence, women should not be prohibited from entering the temples.
Just days ago, the Bombay High Court ordered that women must be allowed access to all temples where men are permitted.

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