New Delhi: Real estate corporate giant Amrapali Group has landed in a murky spot with its customers after many of them complained that the builders are unwary and unfazed about the welfare of its homeowners. Amrapali Group, which has been the target of social media flak lately, has added to its reputation the use of violence against its customers.

A customer of the real estate giant alleged in an interview that he was beaten up after he approached the General Manager and enquired about the delay in the project. The accused, Mr. Rawat, ordered his management staff to oust the customer and also said that he would “never get his flat.”

Another customer, exposing the garb of corporate endorsements which hide unsettling realities, said that he was approached by members of Amrapali Group saying that Dhoni and his wife were going to live at the penthouse.

“They took me to the penthouse and said that Dhoni and his wife were going to live here. Because they are celebrities and their presence would ensure swift working of facilities, I readily agreed,” he said.

Amrapali Group has been lately facing the ire of its customers pertaining specifically to the delay in building projects and inadequate housing facilities. The questions now facing the Amrapali real estate group are:

Was a home owner thrashed by the builder’s goons?

Why aren’t homes being allotted on time?

Why is the infrastructure allegedly ‘unliveable’?

Were homeowners cheated in Dhoni’s name?

Were false promises made to the home owners?


And in a positive turn of events for the aspiring home owners and customers in general, the Supreme Court has announced that celebrities will be held accountable for the brands they endorse. In cases where the brand fails in fulfilling customers’ expectation, the guilty party will be liable to pay Rs 50 lakhs or serve 5 years in prison.

Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the brand ambassador of Amrapali Group.



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