New Delhi: A video of a railway police officer demanding bribes from train passengers has gone viral. The whole bribing act of the constable has been caught on camera.
In the video, the constable is seen accepting bribes seven times from people around him and that too only from one coach. Authorities said that the constable has been identified as an Amit Mallick and he has been suspended.
The constable, a Railway Police officer had been traveling in the Bandra-Dehradun bound train and was seen collecting Rs. 5200 each from passengers for allocating them seats to sit.
Former DGP Vikram Singh spoke to NewsX on the accident and said, “A case should be registered against this man. Secondly, he should be dismissed from his service and should be sent to jail, and then an enquiry should be set up against him. Suspension is no punishment; it is just an eye wash.”
A case has been registered against the accused and interrogations are under way.
Earlier too, there have been incidents where men in Khaki were seen abusing their uniform and their position through acts of dishonour.

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