New Delhi: As elections approach the most populated state of India – Uttar Pradesh, Ram Mandir issue is seen being dragged into the limelight again. Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) upped the ante on the issue with senior party leader Subramanian Swamy making a shocking remark on the issue.
“If the hearing on the matter is held on a daily basis the issue can be decided in a month,” Swamy said referring to the case being heard in the Supreme Court.
“It’s my target to get construction work started at Ram Mandir Ayodhya by the end of this year,” Swamy added. He also added that the concerned Muslim parties accepted the proposal of daily hearing in the matter but when they were asked the same in the court, they kept quite. He said he would get a written note from the parties and then present it to the apex court.
The recent responses from BJP reveal that Ram Mandir would be an issue on the list in the upcoming assembly elections along with the development agenda. It would be interesting to see how both the issues go hand in hand, and whether it will prove fruitful for BJP or not? 

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