Latur: Maharashtra Agriculture Minister Eknath Khadse wasted 10000 litres of water for his helipad on Friday.
At a time when water crisis has hit the Maharashtra district of Latur where prohibitory orders have been imposed because water rioting has taken place and the government is trying to send trains from various parts of the country to provide water to Latur, it has emerged that thousands of litres of ‘precious’ water was wasted to prepare for the visit of a state minister to Latur.
Ironically, Eknath Khadse decided to visit drought-hit latur by his VVIP chopper. Ten thousand litres of water was used in preparing a makeshift helipad for the minister’s chopper to land.
Priyanka Chturvedi of the Congress spoke to NewsX and said, “Every single day we are trying to figure out means to ensure that people of Latur get water and here you have helicopter mantri’s who think no end of themselves, their arrogant action speaks for themselves. Mr. Khadse for his insensitivity needs to step down and should apologise to the people of Maharashtra.”

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