New Delhi: Being the tough negotiator she is, Priyanka Gandhi had successfully managed to bring down sky-high rent of a bungalow situated in a posh locality of the capital from Rs 53,421 to Rs 8,888 after negotiations with the AB Vajpayee government in 2002. 
Currently, Gandhi is paying Rs 31,000 as rent for a bungalow which sprawls across an area of 2,765.18 sqm. Besides Gandhi, three other citizens have also been given such bungalows on security grounds.
In 2002, Gandhi informed the government that she had been “occupying the bungalow on the request of the Special Protection Group (SPG) and that a large part of the bungalow was occupied by SPG itself” and “not by her family”.
The house was allotted to Gandhi, a private citizen, on the recommendations of the SPG, cabinet secretariat and the home ministry in 1997.