New Delhi: Delhi’s murder was forgotten, on the Secunderabad Cantonment road when several driving rules were flouted by 7-year-old underage driver in Hyderabad.

A kid aged 7 was seen driving a scooter with her father riding the pillion.

When this father saw a reporter following them, without any shame he said, “My daughter is very tomboyish, adventurous. She loves driving and I never stop her from doing any activity,” he said, also explaining, “She is my only daughter.”

The child, a student of class 3, has been learning to drive since she was four years old.

Earlier this month, a minor at the wheels of a speeding Mercedes car in Delhi ran over 34-year-old Siddharth Sharma, who died in hospital of his injuries.

It is illegal to drive before the age of 18. But, it seems that no lessons have been learned from the horror story that thrilled Delhi’s street few days ago. 

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