New Delhi: The drought tourism by netas doesn’t seem to end. After Pankaja Munde, who drew flak after a selfie in Latur, it is Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s turn. 
The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister visited the drought hit Lalitpur area in the state in a helicopter and thousands of litres of water was wasted. This was done to make preparations for Yadav’s chopper to land safely. The water was primarily used for prepping the helipad in the drought-hit area.
Similar incidents have been reported in the past where politicians in the country seem to be on a ‘drought tourism’ spree despite outrage over social media. 
Around 5,000 litres of water was wasted was few days ago at Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s programme at Bilagi during his visit to drought-hit areas. This was done just to settle the dust in and around the area.

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