Dehradun: The glitteringly-white police flash-horse named ‘Shaktimaan’ who was critically maimed by BJP MP Ganesh Joshi during a BJP protest passed away on Wednesday. The police horse was deemed to succumb to his injuries after his amputated leg developed infection. 
Shaktimaan was critically injured in a protest carried out by the BJP in Dehradun where MP Ganesh Joshi ruthlessly thrashed the horse in its lower limb. The news came to light when a video was circulated on social media showing Joshi swinging a long stick towards the limb of the horse, after which, the plight of Shaktimaan garnered national and international attention. 
Due to the severity of the injury following which Shaktimaan’s leg was permanently injured, his damaged leg had to be amputated to improve his chances of survival. 
Ganesh Joshi, the politician accused of this atrocity upon an animal, denied all charges against him and instead claimed that the horse had trampled upon the protestors. 
“I hit the stick on the ground for self-defence. He was trampling upon our companions. One of our member has been admitted to the hospital with a wound on his head,” said the MP. 
After a national outrage over the matter, Ganesh Joshi served a 14-day judicial custody after which he was granted bail on a personal surety of Rs. 25,000. 

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