New Delhi: A National Investigation Agency (NIA) insider has spoken to NewsX and made some alarming allegation against the investigation agency accusing it of crossing the legal line.

The NewsX exclusive on the Samjhauta blast is slowly unravelling the several lapses in NIA’s probe suggesting that the probe itself is suspicious. After all, the NIA came into the existence only after the probe began.

“…evidence were recorded some time ago… and now fresh evidence is coming. Obviously the conclusion can be drawn that the investigation was not done professionally. The law which did not exist on the day the offenses taken place, cannot be applied to the crime which is taken place before the new section of law came into existence,” said the official.

“The power to do reinvestigation and de novo investigation lies with the constitution code per the judgement. It is only the Supreme Court or high court which can direct the investigation agency to do reinvestigation from scratch,” he added.

NewsX has been able to unravel its entire detail bringing out the matter to the surface clearly showing there was a hand played by the previous government in aiding Pakistan. There was a note given out by the US which was ignored and also the involvement of SIMI and Lashkar-e-Taiba.

The Centre has accused the Congress co-officers while the latter, on its part, has countered by saying that NDA is exerting an influence on the case and try to weaken and diluted.


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