Champaran: Union Minister Giriraj Singh on Thursday once again dragged himself in a controversy after he said suggested a two-child policy for all the religions, failing which, ‘daughters will not be safe and might have to be kept under the veil, like in Pakistan’.
The BJP MP from Nawada, while speaking at a cultural yatra in Bagaha, West Champaran, said, “Hindus should have two sons and so should Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. Our population is coming down. Seven districts of Bihar have seen a decline in our population. Rules have to change to keep our daughters safe. Otherwise, like Pakistan, we too will have to keep our daughters under the veil.”
He was referring to districts such as Kishanganj and Araria, where Muslim population has been increasing at a faster pace than Hindu population. 
Reacting on Girirah Singh’s comment, Janata Dal United (JDU) leader Pawan Varma said, “Giriraj Singh devotion to Hindutva is an inverse proportion to his knowledge of demographics. His basic purpose is to create a divide between Hindus and Muslims on the basis of cooked up facts for short term political games.”
Earlier in April last year, Giriraj Singh was caught on camera saying that had Rajiv Gandhi married a “Nigerian” woman instead of the “fair-skinned” Sonia Gandhi, the Congress party would not have accepted her as its leader. 

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